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Hair Loss

Hair growth is a cyclical process in which new and young hairs replace the old, broken and damaged hairs gradually, slowly and naturally. But in case of some disease or hair problem the fall of hairs increases very sharply and at large speed and in counting as well. This includes falling of both younger and older hairs and sometimes it is associated with loss of hair follicles also. Growth of new hairs totally depends upon the hair follicles only. Due to problem and disease of hair the growth and development of new hairs reduced or stopped altogether. Consequently it decreases the density of hairs on the scalp or certain specific and effected part. One may lose hairs from head most commonly but also from beard, eye-brows, moustache or any other parts of body also. Hair loss may cause partial or complete baldness and medically this state is defined as Alopecia.

Hair Loss Treatment

Reasons for hair loss

There is one or more reasons associated with hair loss and it is the efficiency and skills of well trained Doctor that help him to find and diagnose that exact cause of hair loss. Typically causes and reasons of Alopecia or baldness are very much different in different individuals.

Here are some of common reasons and causes of Alopecia or baldness:
  • > Hormonal imbalance
  • > Androgenetic factors
  • > Skin infections including bacterial , viral and fungal infections
  • > Genetic factors or inheritance
  • > Nutritional deficiencies
  • > Use of improper and sub standard shampoos, conditioners, dyes etc.
  • > Use of rough and harsh hair style treatments
  • > Use of medicines or chemotherapy
  • > Mechanical injury including burn
  • > Thyroid gland related problems
  • > Poor hygiene
  • > Depression and tension
  • > Trichotillomania – Impulsive Control Disorder

Different forms of hair loss

Hair loss can occur in various different forms and patterns depending upon the cause and disease associated with hairs and scalp or skin. In most of cases hair falls differs from one patient to another. Generally form and pattern of hair loss in men is different from those of women.

  • > Receding hair line
  • > Reduced hair density all over the scalp
  • > Patchy form of hair loss including horse-shoe shaped, round and oval patches
  • > Uneven and irregular loss of hair
  • > Loss of hairs due to burn or mechanical injury
  • > Hair loss in some specific shape

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